anti-loft a workshop symposium on post studio practice

open to all participants including

eduardo aquino
adrian blackwell
janine debanné
ken hayes
rafael gomez-moriana
jill henderson
jinhan ko
marie-paule macdonald
kobe matthys
christie pearson
sandy plotnikoff
lucy pullen
kitty scott
kika thorne
steve topping                                                                                                         OnSite Review

conference schedule
327 spadina avenue (artsystem)

march 31st 21h00,
screening curated by Kika Thorne
april 1st 11h00
april 2nd 14h00

The Symposium: The atelier, studio, or loft is the traditional space of the production of architecture, painting, and sculpture; it has also been at times a dwelling space, primarily for artists. After conceptualism's critique of traditional modes of production, many contemporary artists reject the studio as a seat of practice. New practices have emerged that merge elements of domestic life with artistic production and assert their presence in the city. This critique takes place at a moment when the industrial areas of North American cities have been reclaimed as general dwelling space and the loft appropriated as a model domestic lifestyle. This workshop will examine the uncanny co-incidence of the abandonment of the studio by artists and its emergence as a dominant alternate model of desirable urban living space. It will draw together architects and artists to present work that considers space as a prime raw material for all architectural and artistic practice. The discussions will include guests from Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Halifax and beyond, and - since every one works and lives somewhere - an open forum.
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