anti-loft a workshop symposium on post studio practice

Conference Schedule
Wednesday, March 29th, Presentation at University of Waterloo
School of Architecture: Kobe Matthys- Use-Make Data Bank
Marie-Paule Macdonald- The Studio as subject of Fabrication
Kenneth Hayes- Dwelling Types in Toronto in the 1990`s
Friday March 31 2001
Film Screening
Alex Morrison- Home Wrecker
Jin`s Banana House - Loss is Inevitable
Darren O`Donnell- Love Doesnt Live Here Anymore
Peggy Anne Berton with DJRV
Abigail Child - B´Side
Saturday April 1, 2000
On VIew
Sandy Plotnikoff - Interdimensional Headquarters
Rupen - First Floor Pieces
Jill Henderson - Penthouse Hand-out
Lucy Pullen - Recent Work
Kenneth Hayes - Loftdominium
Eduardo Aquino - Domestic Transformations
Janine Debanne - Luxury and Fate in Mies van der Rohe
2:00 pm
Steve Topping - Three Houses I`ve lived in
Marie-Paule Macdonald - Notes on Studios and Loft Space
Rafael Gomez-Moriana - Model Homes
Agency (Kobe Matthys) -Use-Make Data Bank
4:30 pm
Kitty Scott - The Raw and the Converted, on the Tate Modern
Adrian Blackwell - 9 Hanna
Jinhan Ko - Jin`s Banana House Loves Everyone
Kika Thorne - Collective Action
6:30 pm
Open Discussion

Sunday April 2, 2000
Open House Tour
Kensington Loft - hosted by Paul Raff
66 Portland Street Anarchist Collective- hosted by Sandy Plotnikoff
Twenty Niagara
9 Hanna Ave - hosted by Adrian Blackwell and Darren O`Donnell.