Steve Topping

  Renovated wheel-house of an elevator made into a living space, Montreal, Quebec.


The 8' x 14' space above an elevator shaft, which houses the mechanics by which the elevator moves, was made into a living space by Steve Topping in Montreal in 1998-99.  He lived in this space for six months, during which renovations were ongoing.  A work in progress, constantly changing, as new ideas and materials made themselves available.

Situated on the top of a three-story building in Montreal, on St. Laurent and de Maisonneuve,  the smallness of the space necessitated a thoughtful efficiency in order to make the space work.  The kitchen counter was set high over a small opening which led four feet down into the bedroom.  There was one window and one door opposite each other that helped to open up the space.  When he took possession of the wheel-house there was nothing in it except the plumbing, which had to be redirected.  The heat came from the elevator shaft, rising and being controlled by vents.  The space is now unoccupied.